Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bull and the Chicken

The Bull and the Chicken...sort of sounds like a fable (you know, one of those stories that is supposed to make you learn something), right? WRONG!!! Here is the story of the Bull and the chicken.
Meet the bull:
Insn't he pretty? Well as pretty as a bull can be! His name is STF EZ Rider aka Reggie. Andy claims that Reggie is a "kitten"! How many 2000 pounds kittens have you encountered in your life?

Meet the chicken:


Now that you know the characters of the story, here we go...
I am a horse girl. Although I have adjusted to this cattle thing pretty well and I do pretty good with the cows, Reggie is another story! I am scared of him and I am not ashamed to admit it! As far as bulls go, this one is a big sweetie...but he is still a bull and I am a CHICKEN! One thing I have learned living on a cattle farm: if a bull doesn't like the set up...he will just do some rearranging! We have good fence, good gates and good working facilities, but if a bull wants a change, he will make it! Reggie, in fact, can unhook a gate, push over a gate or climb through 8 strands of high tensil fence (hot)!

Reggie is an escape artist! He can get out of anywhere! Do you remember in my last post when I told you that the bad stuff only happens when Andy is not home...case in point, Reggie prefers to escape on my watch! Reggie escaped this past Saturday, pushed the trash dumpster around the driveway and scared the daylights out of me (think sit in my car until someone will come save me from this 'savage' beast) so in honor of his Houdini like skills, I thought I would share a few of my favorite Reggie moments.

1. Reggie tries to kill the house: yes...I said house! BRAND NEW house that is...on the day we moved in! Luckily, that was the only time that Andy was home for one of Reggies escapades! He escaped and ran right toward our brand new, shiney house, that didn't even have furniture yet! Luckily, he chose the front porch and the back yard as his stomping ground! I wasn't sure how I was going to explain the bull in our laundry room to the insurance agent! Good thing Andy was there to save the house from Reggie's wrath! If you know Andy, ask him sometime how helpful his wife is, as she sits in the safety of the car, while Reggie and Andy run laps around the new house!

2. Reggie visits the daycare center: The church across the street from our house has a day care center. Evidently, Reggie really likes kids, so he again...escaped! This time he crossed the road and was hanging out on the church lawn when I got the call that he was out! Why on earth anyone calls me when Reggie is out, I will never know (remember...CHICKEN)! No worries, we got him contained and I don't think the kids at the daycare even knew about the excitement.

3. Reggie kills my birdbath: I don't know what Reggie has against bird baths. I love this bird bath! It is crazy heavy and I made Andy move it from our old house to the new one...just because I LOVE IT! So why Reggie felt the need to smash it and stomp my flowers I will never know! Again, no one was hurt, except for the bird bath!

4. Reggie takes a road trip: Picture this...2 week old baby sleeping in the house, it is December and I am home alone. I get a knock on the door from a nice young man who says to me "you have a cow in the road!" Little did that nice young man know...that "cow" was a bull...you guessed it...Reggie! Reggie was in the ROAD! While the nice young man and I were coaxing Reggie out of the road, I think 20 rocket scientists drove by to tell us "hey, you have a cow in the road" ....Thank you helpful motorists for your incredibly insightful observations! Well we got him in again!

These are just a few of my favorite Reggie moments. All in all, Reggie is a good guy...but I sure wish he would stay behind the fence!


  1. Haha This is a lovely post! Great humor and good story telling!

    But i do have to say, bulls are VERY dangerous! I have heard several sad stories where people have been killed. Always have eyes in the back of your head dealing with bulls.


  2. Sounds like Reggie has quite the personality. I had a steer similar to him who pulled a few tricks back in his day. But I don't blaim you one bit for being a chicken around him.

  3. Oh, I am so excited that I found your blog. My family has Simmental cattle too, and I recognize his prefix right away. Sounds like Reggie know what buttons of yours to push! I guess I agree with your husband and think he looks like a Teddy Bear too!


  4. I love the 20 rocket scientists! Ha!