My Family

Andy--The Husband

Andy is my husband/best friend. He is the keeper of my sanity...most of the time! Andy grew up on a small farm in central Indiana. I can't think of many things that Andy can't do....well except for laundry...which I am pretty sure he is allergic to! Andy's favorite things in the world are his cows and his farm, but mostly his family (especially Miss Preslee).


I am the mom/wife. I am  an average cook, I am never ahead on the laundry and I HATE running the sweeper. But I can clean a stall, drive a tractor and accessorize with the best! I can think of nothing better than spending time with my family, especially our daughter Preslee! I was never the maternal type, but now find myself doing all things "mommy"!

Preslee--the daughter

Yeah...I am that mom who has to put more than one picture (I can't help it I just think she is stinkin cute)
Here she is. I forget was life was like without this little jewel. Also known as Chicken, Sweet Potato and Munchkin, Preslee makes my days much more interesting She is sweet, charming and cute as a button (if I do say so myself). She is a smidge spoiled with WAY too many clothes and a collections of shoes that could rival Imelda Marcos!

Yogi--the world's worst Corgi

He really isn't that bad, actually, Yogi is really a pretty good dog, but man he can wear you out. Yogi is a rescue from an abusive situation. He is the sweetest little dog you can ever meet, but he has no confidence and we have been working on this for years! We have a ton of stories about this little guy to share!

Ziggy--The Over Indulged Horse

Ziggy aka Chips N Twigs, is the high priced pasture ornament! I love him. I dreamed my entire life of having a horse like Ziggy and never imagined that I would have one this nice standing in my barn. For all you horse people, Ziggy can be described as a "10" jogger with a "2" lope; hence, he has a bright future as a walk trot horse for Miss Preslee! We have big plans for that pair!

The Divas--The cows
this one is Maggie (I think she is especially pretty...that is why she gets to be the "cover girl")

Also known as Maggie, Wilma, Dorothy, Rosie, Serenity, Bambi, Sapphire, Emmie, Split Ear and of course, the man around town Reggie....this bunch makes the rules and keeps us from going on real vacations! We love them, but sometimes I wonder what life in a subdivision would be like without all these other mouths to feed.