Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Big Surprise

A Big Surprise!

Well, as all of my faithful readers know, my commitment to blogging has been a little sucky! I always have grand plans for blog entries, but they never seem to come to life! Most recently, I had great plans to blog about food and healthy eating and so on! Well, that is still my plan, the problem is, food hasn't exactly been my best friend for the past 15 weeks or so. I have been sick....really sick, like turning green at the drop of a hat sick.

Not to worry, I have been feeling a lot better the past few days! What's more, my little secret has been getting harder to hide.......

So here it is.....Preslee is going to be a BIG SISTER!!! Yep, around May 28 we will be welcoming baby number 2. We are excited, anxious and honestly, a little terrified about the idea of being responsible for another human. We are trying to enjoy every second with Preslee, work on her sharing skills and of course, tackle the potty training beast! We couldn't feel more blessed can't wait to meet the final member of our little family!

While we wait the arrival of our new little one, what is your best advice on being a parent of 2?

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