Friday, October 28, 2011

Salad Sabatoge

I mentioned in a previous blog that weight is a challenge for me and I am getting it under control. Most people assume that eating salad is a healthy option. It certainly can be! The problem is most people destroy their low fat healthy salad with lots of high fat/calorie dressing to make it more flavorful. In turn, totally eliminating the whole point of eating the salad in the first place!

So here you tips to making a delicious, flavorful HEALTHY salad.

First things first, use good ingredients. Personally, I am not a fan of bagged salad. It costs more and just plain doesn't taste as good to me. I buy whole romaine heads of lettuce, chop, wash and bag and I will have enough lettuce for the week. Be sure to spin you lettuce, nobody likes a soggy salad
Next, don't be afraid to add plenty of flavorful veggies to your salad. I personally LOVE diced red onion on a salad. It adds lots of taste without lots of calories and NO fat
I also don't think a salad is complete without tomato. As much as I love a nice ripe garden tomato, it isn't always an option, so roma tomatoes or grape tomatoes can do the job just fine! I also love to add other options like avocado. Yes, the avocado has fat, but it is healthy fat that promotes a healthy brain and tastes amazing! is where it gets a little tricky! At this point a lot of people would think it is time to dump a gallon of dressing on your veggie masterpiece. Not me! Add a little cheese. Note I said a little! I like to use really flavorful cheeses like feta, gorgonzola or blue cheese. I also add a few croutons for crunch. Again, I said a few...putting 50 on your salad or putting 5 on your salad and eating 45 out of the bag while you prepare is is going to sabatoge your healthy concoction!
Ooooh, one thing I almost forgot. Do you want to add a little sweet to your salad? Toss on a few craisins, not only are they a healthy treat, but they make a great addition with the cheese! So here it is, my fabulous, fresh salad that doesn't even need a drop of dressing!!!
Let me know what you like to add to your salad to make it a low fat healthy treat!

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