Monday, March 7, 2011

Matilda Jane Made My Day

I am an addict! It is hard to admit, but, here I am, out here in the in the giant web world admitting my addiction....Clothes!

All of my life I have been what I like to call a "collector"! I had more clothes than any little girl could wear as a child (thanks mom for always keeping me dressed cute). As a young adult it got even worse! I sure do wish I had the money back that I have spent on mini-dresses, animal prints, leather pants and other classy ensembles I picked up in college and shortly after. (Hey, it was the early 2000s everyone was dressing like that)

Now that I am a mom, my addiction has shifted to little girl's clothing. Yes, it is bad to say the least! Preslee has more clothes than any one child can ever wear! She has so many clothes that often, I can't choose and outfit because I love them all!

this is only one season's worth of clothes! I'd say that pretty much confirms my addiction

these are the shoes....just fall and winter!

While I love lots of children's clothing lines...there is one special line of clothes that are my absolute favorites...Matilda Jane. They are feminine, whimsical, fun and extrodinarily good quality. I have been so anxious to start Preslee's Matilda Jane collection (think, lurking on their platinum website until Preslee could finally wear a size 2); however, because babies grow so quickly, I decided that we would wait until her growth slowed down just a bit and she could fit into toddler sizes to get her started with Matilda Jane.

With spring coming and Preslee getting bigger, I started following Matilda Jane on Facebook and on their blog as I can't wait to start shopping! Little did I know, 30 seconds on Facebook and my Grandma Wilma's underwear advice would earn Preslee her very first Matilda Jane dress!

Years ago, my grandma told me...always have clean underwear....just in case you have an accident! I am not sure if she was talking about a car accident or an underwear accident but I took it to heart. So when the Matilda Jane's facebook page posted a question offering a surprise to the best answer for what to bring on vacation if you could only take one thing....I knew my answer right away! CLEAN UNDERWEAR! I went of a vacation once where my luggage was lost for 24 hours and all I had was a toothbrush and a bikini...guess what I would have given my right arm for....but that is another story for another day!

After hundreds of entries, guess who they picked on Wednesday afternoon??? MEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I was so thrilled and couldn't wait to see the little surprise coming my way! I was even more shocked when I got home on Thursday and the coveted Matilda Jane package was sitting on my porch! (24 hours later!!!) I was so excited that I could barely get the box open! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the most perfect size 2 Knot Dress! I would say I was practically jumping up and down, but I would like you all to believe I am cooler than that (I was totally jumping up and down and I am completely uncool). What's more, it could not be a better fit on Preslee! The only problem true addict style...I am not obsessed with finding the perfect shoes and accessories to match. I also have a pair of fabulous Matilda Jane ruffle pants in mind to trasition the dress from summer to fall (I told you I was an addict)!

Yay for Matilda Jane! How could I not love an Indiana based company, that not only makes beautiful, fun and unusual clothes (in grown up sizes too), but also brightens up someone's day when they need a little brightening! Hope you enjoy some photos of Preslee "modeling" her new Matilda Jane Knot Dress!

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